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Our goal is to create value by delivering practical, cost effective SPC solution to achieve highest quality product

Global Multisoft Sdn Bhd (GMSB), highly regarded for its practical and result-oriented approach firmly believe in providing total quality support to all its Clients. Its consultancy services are designed and specifically tailored to meet any individual company’s needs in developing and implementing quality improvements in the workplace.

GMSB have been involved and are totally familiar with the entire facet of both service and manufacturing sectors. Its Senior Management Consultant team have worked with more than 40 companies on their ISO 9000 Quality Management System projects, most of which are already certified.  GMSB’s experience and knowledge combined with extensive practical support / training will contribute significantly towards its Client’s gaining certification in the most effective, economical and timely manner.

GMSB prides itself in ensuring an optimum balance of internal and external management staff understanding by providing in-depth training to selected personnel and constantly advising, directing and discussing with the Client’s management staff to produce a fully comprehensive, integrated and flexible Quality Management System.  All ISO projects are designed for 4 Stages of completion and each stage has a clearly defined objective, Consultancy Programme and most importantly, the resultant Expected Results (tangible and intangible) which measures progress.

Global Multisoft's range of services include:
  • SPC Software provider
  • Software installation and implementation services.