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Standard Edition. As industries become more capital intensive and technically advanced, it is more important than ever to ensure plant profitability with an organized, accountable maintenance program.


eam2go™ Standard Edition is 100% web-based, hosted computerized maintenance management system that is accessed via any standard Internet browser. In addition to the basic maintenance features found in Free Edition, Standard Edition has additional features such as Scheduling, Procurement and Analysis.


Modules and Features


  • 100% web-based. No client installation required. Only a browser is required to access the system.
  • Hosted. eam2go™ takes care of the application, database, security, backup and maintenance.
  • Sort and filter. All modules comes with a list view in which you can search and filter simultaneously to narrow down your search.
  • Hybrid form. Allows users to navigate between records with only 'one-click' with no lookup windows required.
  • User-defined fields. Each form comes with a set of user defined fields.


  • Parameters. Parameter driven to provide greater flexibility to meet various customer requirements.
  • Multi site, multi user. Multi-site and multi-user capabilities.
  • Security groups. Create security groups for easy maintenance and assign users to each group. All users within the same group share the same restrictions.
  • Password protection. User can only access eam2go™ with their user ID and password.
  • Menu, form, and function level security. Limit access at the menu, form and/or function level.


  • Exception reporting. List downs exception and status summary of scheduling, inventory, asset, work orders and tools information.
  • Drill down. On each exception summary, it allows users to drill down into the details.


  • WO generation. Keeps a work order template which will generate default work order information based on the PM schedule details defined.
  • Schedule calculation. Two ways of calculating scheduled date, when done and when scheduled.
  • Schedule. Specify the days that the asset normally operates each week and days it does not operate. eam2go™ does not generate work orders for days that the facility does not operate; instead, it generates those work orders for the next working day.
  • Multiple schedules. Multiple PM schedule per asset.
  • Calendar view. Calendar view of work orders, assets or employees.

Work Order

  • WO type. Allows work orders to be categorized for analysis and reporting.
  • Tasks. User defined list of tasks can be assigned to each work order to track completion status.
  • Tools. Multiple tools can be assigned to each work order.
  • Parts. Multiple parts can be recorded in each work order.
  • Outside services. Allows tracking of outside services.
  • Labor. Records employee productivity by recording start and end dates of each work order.
  • Problem and resolution. Maintains a history of problems and resolutions so as to create a future 'knowledgebase' of maintenance information.
  • Costs. Monitors part, miscellaneous items, labor and outside services costs.


  • Reordering. Define the reorder level and the system will flag out items with quantities below the reorder level point.
  • Multiple warehouse and locations. Each part can be stored in multiple warehouse and location combination.
  • Vendor part cross reference. Provide cross reference information to vendor part.
  • Costing. Uses standard cost method.
  • Inventory transactions. Allows inventory receipts, issues and transfers to, from and between warehouses and locations.
  • Transaction history. Detail audit trail of all inventory movements such as issues, receipts and transfers.


  • Serial tracking. Each tool can be serial tracked and have multiple serial numbers per tool.
  • Toolroom. Multiple toolrooms and locations per tool.
  • Transaction. Allows issues, receipts, transfers and returns of tools.
  • Transaction history. Keep tracks of detail transaction history for audit trail.


  • Parent-child relationship. Each asset can be belong to another parent asset.
  • Warranty & service contract. Notifies users if there is any service contract and warranty active for the particular piece of asset.
  • Specification. Attach unlimited number of parameter specifications with minimum, maximum and optimal values within each asset.
  • Meter. Track meter readings with detail time stamped audit trail.
  • Misc. Keeps record of other miscellaneous information such as last purchase price, estimated lifespan, downtime cost/hr, department and notes.

Vendor Quotation

  • Each RFQ is tied to a purchase objective.
  • RFQs can be automatically copied to an unlimited number of different vendors
  • Required delivery dates can be specified for both RFQ line items.
  • Tracks open RFQs until quotation are received.
  • Maintains a history of RFQ status and quotation history.
  • Automatically match new quotation line items with open RFQ lines and close them.
  • Easily view all quotations and prices for each item from one or more vendors.
  • You can easily analyze quotes and select preferred vendors based on costs, quantities, and lead times.


  • Reliability analysis. Estimates an assets lifespan before failure.
  • Provides analysis to determine what PM tasks are required to prevent failures.
  • Analyzes percentage probability a failure will occur.
  • Breakdowns each cost element related to maintenance activities.
  • Helps user define which PM intervals should be used to optimize maintenance resource and improve asset reliability.
  • Sample KPIs include MTBF, MTTR, ART, Costs, etc.


  • Complete set of standard reports.


eam2go™ Free Ed.
eam2go™ Standard Ed.