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Statgraphics 18 is a major upgrade that contains many new features, including:

  • A new file format for handling big data. The 64-bit version can now analyze datasets containing in excess of 100 million rows.
  • 9 new interactive Statlets for dynamic data visualization, including sunflower plots, population pyramids, wind roses, and violin plots.
  • Improved demographic maps, with support for SHP files.
  • Dialog-box driven procedures for accessing R libraries to use classification and regression trees (CART), text mining, multidimensional scaling, analysis of arbitrarily censored data, and seasonal adjustment with X-13ARIMA-SEATS.
  • Over a dozen other new statistical procedures, including equivalence analysis and noninferiority testing, orthogonal regression, capability control charts, multivariate tolerance intervals, tests for multivariate normality, and random number generation for multivariate normal distributions.
  • New definitive screening designs in the DOE Wizard.
  • A new network installation program which allows users to check out seats for use on individual computers.
  • Extensive enhancements to the process capability analysis procedures to implement the methods described in the new book by Dr. Neil W. Polhemus, Process Capability Analysis: Estimating Quality to be published by Chapman and Hall/CRC Press in December, 2017.

Please refer to this link for more details:-http://www.statgraphics.com/centurion-xviii